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Payable Management

Efficiently managing payables account is very crucial for any successful company. Our i-bizRAKYAT is designed to process your payment to beneficiaries faster. i-bizRAKYAT provides straight through payment processing services include funds transfer to third party accounts and  bulk payment transactions that is hassle-free and very convenient. We support current and future dated transactions and to safeguard your monetory transactions, all authorizers are equipped with security devices used to authenticate login and approve transactions.


Our Payable Management includes payment through :

  • Intrabank Fund Transfer (IFT)
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
  • Instant Fund Transfer (IBFT)
  • Local Remittance (RENTAS)
  • Bill Payment
  • JomPAY
  • FPX B2B (Busines-to-Business)


An email or sms notification to beneficiary/recipients is also available at convenience.